The Tatler Gen.T community premieres “Phoenixes of Tomorrow”

June 30, 2023

With the rise of Web3 in recent years, Tatler Gen.T has joined the foray of large global brands launching NFTs of their own, but with a twist: a collection called Phoenixes of Tomorrow, which are awarded to 180 of this year’s honorees as part of their recognition.

Each Phoenix has its own Friend of Phoenix NFT that can be sold to friends and family to raise funds for local charities in five markets and designed by artist and Gen.T honouree Aeropalmics.

Proceeds from the Friends of Phoenixes collection will go towards local charities and non-profit organisations across five markets, including The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association; The Codette Project, a non-profit helping to upskill women from minority communities in Singapore; Kids’ Bookhouse, which helps children in Taiwan get an education; Angat Buhay, a non-profit implementing community-centred development initiatives focused on areas such as education and health in the Philippines; and Yayasan Chow Kit, a 24-hour crisis centre for at-risk and displaced children in Malaysia.

This project brings together Asia’s most promising young leaders in service of a shared purpose. As community builders, we are always thinking about what our community wants, how to pair that with the latest technological trends, and how to make a positive impact on the world.