Tatler's Exclusive David Beckham Interview and Regional Cover Shoot

October 4, 2023
The David Beckham interview will feature on TatlerAsia.com from October 4, 2023

October 4, 2023, Hong Kong – Tatler Asia, the leading luxury group, is thrilled to announce an exclusive interview and regional cover shoot with David Beckham. This iconic feature story not only represents a monumental occasion in Tatler's 46-year history but also marks the first-ever series of regional magazine covers that David Beckham has graced in Asia.

Launching on October 4, the exclusive interview with the famed footballer and entrepreneur will be published in print across six markets as he graces the cover of the Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan editions of Tatler. The interview will also be published within the Mainland China edition.

David Beckham stars on the cover of Tatler this October in five markets, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan.

Tatler’s exclusive interview with David Beckham delves into various facets of Beckham’s life, from family and his new Netflix documentary to his visionary outlook on the future of the football industry.

In an excerpt from the Tatler interview, David Beckham sheds light on the documentary, saying; “Many might assume they know everything about me and my life, that there’s nothing new to discover. But I believe when they hear me talk about specific moments, like the 1998 sending-off and what was going on in my head, or the challenges I faced when leaving Manchester United, it’ll shed light on experiences they haven’t heard before.”

Beckham also shared with Tatler his vision for his latest venture.  “When I retired a decade ago, I was itching to dive into something new. So, when I hung up my boots, I hopped on a plane [to America], and [in 2013] announced my vision for Inter Miami. Like every sports owner, I wanted the best players, the top-notch sportsmanship, for our team, and our fans. There was only one man in my mind, and that was Messi.”

Furthermore, Tatler is set to unveil an exclusive series of articles and videos, available exclusively on TatlerAsia.com and Tatler's official social media platforms. The stories will dive into David Beckham’s past, focusing on his iconic sporting moments, his philanthropic charitable endeavours and organisations closest to David and Victoria Beckham's heart, as well as Victoria’s best style moments.

The David Beckham interview will feature on TatlerAsia.com from October 4, 2023

Over the past five years, Tatler has evolved and repositioned itself to focus on capturing the essence of the people, places, products and experiences that are shaping culture across Asia.

Tatler’s transformation into a digital-first luxury platform for Asia’s most influential and affluent communities continues to gather momentum. The brand is committed to innovation, creativity and continuously improving digital products and storytelling that engages luxury consumers. With strategic hires in digital, social media and video, Tatler has significantly increased website traffic and social growth through captivating short and long-form video storytelling.

“David Beckham’s multifaceted impact on Asia, from his remarkable career as a football legend to his role as a cultural influencer and entrepreneur, perfectly mirrors Tatler’s commitment to celebrating excellence. Our investment in innovation, creative storytelling and strategic digital enhancements has not only elevated our brand but also resulted in increased website traffic and social engagement. This exclusive interview with David Beckham is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in capturing the very essence of Asia’s cultural evolution,” said Michel Lamunière, Chairman & CEO of Tatler Asia.

In addition to this exciting collaboration, Tatler is proud to announce the launch of two new markets in Q4, 2023: Tatler Thailand and Tatler Macau. This expansion will further strengthen Tatler’s position as a leading luxury group, delivering unparalleled storytelling, unique experiences and passionate communities to Asia’s most influential.

Read the full interview on TatlerAsia.com.