Marc Lourdes: Our Colleague Remembered

February 7, 2022

Marc Lourdes, Tatler Asia’s Regional Digital Content Director, passed away this weekend in a tragic accident.

They say good leadership is about being of service to others, not being served by others. It is to be a mentor, not just a boss. That was Marc Lourdes.

On February 5, 2022, we lost a leader, a colleague, and a friend.

Marc Lourdes, 40, our Regional Digital Content Director, died tragically in a motorcycle accident in Kelantan this weekend, and the impact of his life cut short is one that has instantly been felt profoundly in our hallways.

Marc encouraged, inspired, listened. He always pushed when he knew we could do better, and he cheered when we succeeded. He was patient and kind, but most of all, he was present. Marc was a brilliant journalist with a data-obsessed mind and breaking news mentality that kept all of us moving forward and pushing to do our best. He was constantly curious about what was happening, both in the world and down the street, and always thinking about how we could apply the latest trends to the stories we published. He would often drill our editors––his teams––with his hallmark questions of “what’s the angle?” and “why is this a good story?” He pushed them to think consistently about what truly mattered––telling the best story they could.

With Marc, it was never about just filing a piece to tick a box. Details, precision and the means needed to win mattered to him. He calculated everyone’s goals down to a single point because he cared that much, and celebrated with them when they achieved them. He wanted to––needed to––succeed in his job not just because it was what he signed up to do, but because he so passionately believed in the vision and the people he led. And that was what mattered to Marc the most.

“Marc was a great person and a true professional,” says Michel Lamunière, CEO and Chairman of Tatler Asia Group. “He was intelligent, cultured, had a great sense of humour and a love of life. We will all miss his presence greatly and offer our deepest condolences and prayers to his family, his wife Darshini and his friends all over the world.”

Marc began his career in journalism over 17+ years ago and worked for some of the biggest media companies in Asia. Before Tatler Asia, he was Vice President at Astro, a Malaysian satellite TV provider, heading up the Indian business unit. In his time there, he impressively grew the digital traffic by 1300% in just one year. Previously he had been the Head of Digital at CNN Asia and held many roles at Yahoo, including Editor in Chief of Singapore and Malaysia.

Marc leaves a massive hole in the Tatler Asia editorial team. We will miss his work hard, play hard philosophy, his humour and his innate curiosity and unashamed geekery––be it about Star Wars, the MCU, his beloved Manchester United, or any number of his many passions. Marc’s drive, legacy, and love for life will continue to live with all of us.

Rest in Peace Marc.

Marc’s friends have created a page where friends and colleagues can donate in memory of Marc to a cause he was passionate about. Find out more details here.